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A–5640 Bad Gastein / Grenzbergstr. 1

Holiday in Gastein - unfortgettable moments

Experience unforgettable moments in Gastein - a valley full of exciting adventures - in any season.

Winter in Gastein

During winter vacations in Gastein, ski fans find the ultimate playground on 200 km of groomed pistes. The Gastein mountains set the pulses of freeriders racing in pure anticipation. Find out why!

Or need a change of pace from all that excitement on the pistes? If so, we have numerous winter hiking paths for you to choose from, both down in the valley as well as up in the mountains.

Summer in Gastein

Hiking in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern. Pull on your hiking boots and head out into nature! There aren't many better places on this Earth to forget your appointment calendar completely! Part of Hohe Tauern National Park, Gastein is home to 600 kilometers of hiking paths where you will find pristine, intact nature. Here, marmots play between rhododendrons and some of the oldest pine trees in Austria.

Gastein – the year-round wellness refuge

Immerse yourself in the warm thermal water and let your thoughts float wherever they may. In Gastein, the daily routine is washed away like a distant memory. What remains is pure relaxation.

The Gastein Healing Gallery is one of nature's special treasures. Two kilometers deep inside the Radhausberg, you discover a healing climate that is unique worldwide. Warm, humid air enriched with radon heats up this mine tunnel, which was originally dug by laborers in search of gold. The ideal combination of heat, humidity and radon brings about sustained pain relief, and in some cases total freedom from pain, in the face of a wide range ailments.